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9 January 2014

Box Swappers- Curiosity Project Is Back!

Happy New Year to you all! That's right, people! When I said "a change goin' come", I meant a change goin come. And here it is...

Curiosity Project, well known for it's gift swapping community is coming back as a fully functioning, all-year-round global experience. No more waiting for me to get my butt in gear and no more waiting for Christmas. You asked, we're making it happen. 

So what's next?
Well, I now have a super, strong team working hard to get the new site up and running. We have gorgeous new branding too-don't you love it?! Because we want to get it right for you there'll be no rushing whilst we create, experiment and tweak so in the meantime we're asking you to register your interest by clicking the image below. You'll be first in line to hear the news and automatically receive your very own profile when we're ready to go.
A massive thank you goes to my loyal participants who are always emailing to ask when the next swap will be. You've been so patient and it's been a long time coming, often with me sitting at home wondering how I can make it work with a young family and work to juggle. Team CP are on the case now!

New To Curiosity Project?
Hello and welcome to you! As you're discovering us for the first time, you might like to know that the Curiosity Project began in summer 2011 as a small scale gift swapping scheme to share amongst my friends and colleagues within the wedding industry...before I knew it participant numbers were reaching the 600+ mark with people all over the world signing up to spread some smiles. The rules back then were to take a box, decorate it if you like, then fill it with carefully considered gifts and curiosities and send it to someone you'd been matched with. You would also receive your own box from someone, somewhere-anywhere in the world. We're shaking it up a little when we launch the main site, but the ethos of the project remains the same- to stir ones curiosity, enjoy the feeling of giving and feel the excitement and anticipation of receiving. Got your attention? You can sign up here!

This news has a knock-on effect on the current blog here which will be closing shortly as the need for a new look and new start to share my styling work and lifestyle inspiration is great. The new blog (soon to be revealed) will still contain much of what you see here but without the confusion of the title. It's going to give me greater conviction to continue creating good content for you too. I'll let you all know as soon as that happens, but I'm busy working as hard as I can to make that transition smooth. Watch this space. Oh-and don't forget to register! You're going to love it...

We want you to tell your friends and talk about us online. Just use #curiosityproject when you're using Twitter or Instagram. 

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  1. great news,is there a deadline that everyone needs to have all their information to you and is it just for spring ie,is it just once that you will be organizing the boxes,thank you,x emp