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About The Girl
Hello! I'm Tiffany Grant-Riley, prop and event stylist, creative director and daughter of a master goldsmith and art college graduate. My journey in styling began during my Stage Management degree a little while ago now. Beyond relishing the role of the bossy-booted delegator, what I loved most was working with directors and set-designers, researching and sourcing props and decor before styling them on stage for shows. Crucially I learnt the importance of what's visually relevant within a production and what isn't and nurtured my crafty side whilst producing hand made and altered props to suit the needs of cast members. After a brief stint in the theatre industry I established a wedding planning company, Grant-Riley Weddings, which I ran successfully for six years before turning to editorial styling. 

For now I live in the beautiful, historical Medway town of Rochester with my husband Rob, two children and a very silly cat, Rafferty-Moe...but we're working very hard to one day relocate to Tuscany. Everyone needs a dream, right? 


Blog Beginnings
The Curiosity Project was started as a simple box swap (like secret Santa but all year round) for me and my friends within the wedding industry in 2011. I was out scouting for props in my local charity shop and I found a beautiful wooden box painted in a soft green (my favourite colour) with a hand-painted floral motif on the front. I thought about how special it would be to send a box of curiosities and gifts to a stranger and make them feel appreciated, to enjoy the anticipation of receiving something in the post, aside from bills or the not-so sociable email. So I set up a make-shift blog, spread the word on Twitter and that's how it started. With a maximum budget of £20 and a box to decorate and fill, they're a relatively inexpensive way to connect with like-minded creatives who enjoy spreading a little bit of happiness to others. 
With over 600 participants per swap they've proved to be popular and they create a great buzz in our online community, so much so that we're now developing The Curiosity Project and relaunching as a separate site in 2014. Please do watch this space!

Where It Is Now
As a stylist, I use this blog as a platform to share my work and expertise as well as a creative place to discover new design and inspiration to make your house a happy home -not a showroom but one that's been loved, lived in and worn around the edges. Having sold our first home in January 2013 and hastily moved into rented before the arrival of our daughter, I'm sharing the trials and tribulations of making a rented space feel just like home despite certain restrictions. 

This is a happy home for me and my readers, I hope you'll make yourself comfortable here too.

Tiffany Grant-Riley


Press & Coverage
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